Dominique with Haitian Massuse

Dominique with Masseur, Haiti | Penthouse | circa 1975

We were in Haiti, back in the mid-seventies, at Habitation LaClerc, a wonderful resort walled-off from the poverty of Port au Prince. I was photographing Dominique for a Penthouse magazine centerfold. I got this idea when a masseur presented himself at the semi-private swimming pool available to occupants of two adjacent villas. But, the masseur did not understand what I wanted him to do, as he spoke a "Creole" style French, and I did not speak French.

However, one of the neighbors vacationing in the next-door villa was an attractive redheaded woman who did, indeed, speak French, and she happily directed the masseur to do as I asked.

Though this photo was kept as a reference by Vogue, and used in East Germany (with permission), and an edition of MAX (without my consent), possibly the most memorable aspect of this photo was the redheaded woman who "directed" the shot. Known to her friends as "Bubbles," she was the renown opera singer, Beverly Sills!